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"Our delicious soul and southern home-cooked meals are sure to provide comfort food"

Catfish Nuggets
Fried Wings
Chicken Gizzards
Chicken Livers
Corn Fritters
Salmon Croquettes
Catfish Nuggets
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Pickles
Veggie Platter
(Choose 4 Sides)
Children's Menu
​(Choice of 1 Side Order)

Fried Catfish Nuggets
Fried Chicken Wings
Fried Chicken Fingers
Kid's Burger with Fries
(Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle,
Onion, Mayo, Mustard,
Ketchup | Cheese - Add 30¢)
Daily Entrees
(All Daily Entree Selections Includes Rice & Your Choice of 2 Side Orders & Corn Bread)
(Includes Fries)

Fried Catfish Nuggets
Fried Tilapia
Fried Whiting
Fried Shrimp
Fried Catfish & Shrimp Basket
Fried Tilapia & Shrimp Basket
Chicken Gizzard Basket
Chicken Liver Basket
Fried Wing Basket
Pulled Pork Basket
(By the slice)

Red Velvet Cake
Key Lime Cake
Lemon Pound Cake
Chocolate Cake
Banana Pudding
Peach Cobbler
Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet or Unsweet Tea
Mamaide (Lemonade)

Fountain Drinks

Strawberry Lemonade
Arnold Palmer
Chicken Selections

Mama's Kettle Chicken (Dark Meat)
Mama's Kettle Chicken (White Meat)
Jerk Chicken Dinner
1/4 Baked Chicken
1/4 Mama Que Chicken*
1/2 Baked Chicken
1/2 Mama Que Chicken*
Fried Wing Dinner
Smothered Chicken (Dark Meat)
Smothered Chicken (White Meat)
Beef & Pork Selections

Slab of Mama's Que Ribs*
Mama's Que Ribs*
Mama's Oxtail
Mama's Chitterlings
Beef Tips
Southern Fried Pork Chop
Smothered or Grilled Pork Chops
Mama Meat Loaf
Cube Steak with Mama's Secret Gravy
Mama Que Pulled Pork
Rib & Chicken Combo*
Baked Turkey Wings
Smothered Liver & Onions
Hog Maws Dinner
Pig Feet Dinner
Mama's Burger with Fries
(Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Onion, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup) Cheese - Add 30¢
Seafood Dinner
(Includes Rice, 2 Sides & Cornbread)

Fried Catfish Nuggets
Fried or Grilled Tilapia
Fried Shrimp
Fried Catfish & Shrimp
Fried Tilapia & Shrimp
Grilled Salmon Dinner
(All Sides $2.49)

Collard Greens
Buttered Corn On The Cob
Mashed Potato
Potato Salad
Green Beans
Baked Mac N Cheese
Black Eye Peas
Baked Beans
Lima Beans
Candid Yams
Corn Fritters
Hush Puppies
French Fries
Cole Slaw
Lunch & Dinner Menu

Rib Sandwich*
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Fried Pork Chop Sandwich

*Only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.
(813) 330-7012
W Brandon Blvd.
(813) 769-9552
Dr M.L.K. Jr Blvd.
(863) 213-4377