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"Mama's Soul Food Restaurant
is a southern taste sensation"
The Beginning of Mama’s Southern Soul Food
The concept and vision of Mama’s Southern Soul Food was born in the hearts, kitchens and the dining rooms of the home of the proprietors and your hosts, Chef Reaves and Katrina.

For decades their families took pride on carefully preparing every dish by hand and with love from their homemade recipes. It didn’t matter who you were, or where you came from, when you sat at their table and ate breakfast, lunch or dinner, you were family. 

A Tradition Continues
Very popular “secret recipes” have been passed down, collected and are prepared today as they have been for many years. Every dish that comes out of Mama’s kitchen is authentic flavored southern style soul food that has a taste you can’t find anywhere else. Mama’s food is prepared with love and seasoned with soul.

You will find that the entire staff of Mama’s continues to display a strong desire and passion to stay connected with not just the food itself, but the experience of friends and family having a place to relax, and enjoy each other while leaving the cooking up to the expert staff of who will make your dining experience heavenly.

Welcome to Tampa’s Dining Room for Southern Soul Food
For over 15 years Mama’s Southern Soul Food has been setting the standard for Southern cooking in Tampa, Florida. Business people, celebrities, families and world travelers all dine at Mama’s Southern Soul Food and feel right at home. Mama’s focus is on serving made-from-scratch true southern fare served with genuine southern hospitality.

When you dine at Mama’s restaurant, you will experience the food that perhaps you have grown up with; food just like your Mama made. For those who know what real soul food is supposed to taste like, Mama’s Southern Soul Food has proven to be a dream-come true!

And, from the moment you come in the door at Mama’s you’re be welcomed with open arms and a big smile. After all, now you’re sitting down at Mama’s table!

Mama’s Southern Soul Food Has Certainly Grown Over the Years
Mama's has 3 conveniently located restaurants in Tampa, Brandon FL, and Lakeland. Come visit us and experience real, authentic soul food.

And don’t be surprised if Chef Reaves and Katrina come by
your table to visit with you, just to make certain that 
your dining experience is one of the best that you’ve ever had. 
After all, that’s the way Mama would have wanted it!

 "Mama's food is
           prepared with love
  and seasoned with soul."

Chef Reaves and Katrina
(813) 330-7012
W Brandon Blvd.
(813) 769-9552
Dr M.L.K. Jr Blvd.
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